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Can Grades This Year Be Meaningful, Fair and Valid? What Role Does the Exam Board Play in Making Sure They Are?

In this webinar, OxfordAQA takes you through the process by which exam boards will ensure grades assigned to students are fair, valid and comparable.

As well as explaining what they will do, they also provide clear guidance on what schools need to do to determine grades for their students, and what evidence they can use to reach this judgement. Topics covered include:

•    What evidence can be used to determine grades?
•    What assessment materials will be made available to help inform teacher judgements?
•    What resources and training will be provided to ensure teacher judgements are accurate and consistent across all schools?
•    What role will the exam boards play in quality assuring grades?
•    What happens if a student wants to appeal their grade?
•    How will grades from this summer be perceived by academic institutions and employers?
•    How grade boundaries are set

This webinar is chaired by Colin Bell, COBIS CEO, and presented by Dale Bassett, Director of International and Curriculum Strategy at AQA.