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Best Practices in School Websites - How Does Your School Website Stack Up?

The school website plays a crucial role in recruiting new families and faculty and facilitating school-to-home communication. As parent expectations increase, the design and functionality of the website on desktop and mobile devices become increasingly important.

Indeed, school websites should be designed with the following best practices in mind:

● User experience should be easy and intuitive
● The website should be mobile-responsive for viewing on
smaller screens
● Visual design should be clean, modern, and consistent
● Content should be accurate, up-to-date, informative, and

The summer holiday season provides an opportunity to review and update the website, and Finalsite's website experts will host a webinar showcasing best practices used by schools worldwide.

The webinar will cover various aspects of the website, including the homepage, admissions and landing pages, curriculum guides, and extracurriculars, to demonstrate how schools are improving their websites.