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3 Vital Strategies For Recruiting And Retaining Families During The Cost Of Living Crisis

It’s a highly turbulent time for independent and international schools across the globe. As well as increased costs on all fronts, many of their families will be on the tipping point of being able to afford school fees over the next few years thanks to the increased cost of living, and the sector is likely to experience significant challenges around recruiting and retaining families. This means that schools have to forward-plan and be prepared to ensure they’re sufficiently resilient. As well as financial planning, there is also a crucial need for schools to market themselves effectively in order to maintain or generate financial health.

In this 60 minute session, The Stickman Consultancy will share exactly what schools should be doing right now to:
- grow loyalty amongst their parent body
- optimise enquiries and admissions
- be (and stay) on the front foot

Schools will take away a wealth of cost-effective, no-nonsense school marketing techniques they can start using immediately.

Participants will leave the session knowing and understanding how to implement the 3 vital marketing & admissions strategies they need to recruit and retain families with ease during these turbulent times, enabling them to safeguard the future success of their schools.