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This webinar discusses the development journey of Cambridge’s digital assessment portfolio, from research and conception, through to delivery and implementation. We discuss the significance of incorporating accessibility and universal design principles when developing digital assessments, and highlighting the importance of digital readiness and digital literacy.

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In this webinar, we delve into the significance of the Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning and how they intersect with the concept of student agency in the context of early years education. We explore practical strategies to nurture student agency and embed these dispositions within the classroom environment.

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This webinar explores how reframing from ‘deficit’ to ‘difference’ and embedding positive attitudes can help you better support autistic pupils. There is a focus on understanding the importance of centring pupil voice and lived experience, and how improving understanding and acceptance of autistic pupils amongst peers and staff can improve wellbeing for all.

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A CV is required for international school applications, but many job seekers struggle with what to put on their CV. How do you best represent yourself in one or two pages?

In this webinar, Diane Jacoutot from Edvectus will discuss what international schools look for on a CV, what should not go on a CV and why. 

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Swim England recommends, where possible, that children are involved in swimming lessons until they have completed Learn to Swim Stages 1 to 7, as a minimum. By this point children will have achieved all four of the minimum standards for water competency and will have the skills needed to go on and explore the different disciplines in Aquatics.

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It’s a highly turbulent time for independent and international schools across the globe. As well as increased costs on all fronts, many of their families will be on the tipping point of being able to afford school fees over the next few years thanks to the increased cost of living, and the sector is likely to experience significant challenges around recruiting and retaining families.

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Educators have a wide range of data at their disposal, but the time and effort required to aggregate and interpret this data can often be overwhelming and at times prohibitive. Drawing on her own experience as Head of Department at a multi-campus K-12 school, Jade Cleave (Education Specialist at Intellischool) walks participants through practical strategies to empower staff to become more proactive and efficient in leveraging student data to improve outcomes.

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In this Webinar, EducatorsAbroad shares their experiences working with international schools worldwide to provide personalised CPD, alternative routes to supporting experienced teachers to become fully qualified and how to enhance skills in locally hired teachers and teaching assistants to increase retention rates.

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Join us for this webinar to enrich your professional knowledge of early years practice and focus on how to shape the future development of your EYFS. Drawing on the latest research, we will consider what leadership and learning means in the EYFS and consider the challenges and opportunities for leadership in the Early Years and schools as a whole.

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Join Registered Psychologist and Komodo Psychology Lead Ilia Lindsay for a 60 minute session on how to navigate difficult conversations with students around mental health. In this webinar we will look to enhance your ability to address the critical topic of student mental health with confidence and compassion

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Establishing or inheriting a Primary EAL department in an international context can be daunting.

While there may be many ways to approach taking on the establishment of EAL provision in a school, in this webinar, Deborah Thomas, Head of EAL at The British School of Tashkent, aims to break down how she has gone about doing this in her current setting; a school in Central Asia with a high EAL intake and which had no EAL provision on her arrival.

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Schools - you may have other marketing activities in place or underway (e.g. a new website or a digital marketing campaign). While these are important strings to your marketing bow, they simply won't make an impact if the story you are telling about your school isn't resonating with prospective families. This is your silver (marketing) bullet! Telling a great story will mean you connect with your school community and differentiate yourselves in a way that's difficult to beat.

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This webinar, led by Making Stuff Better (MSB) Director, Matt Hall, will be challenging the current thinking around wellbeing in schools for staff and explore ways in which we might address this issue from a more fundamental starting point.

Drawing on MSB's work with over 300 international schools around the world, Matt will invite participants to consider what it really means to be well at work, help you identify some of the common stumbling blocks and (gently) challenge you into thinking differently about it (if you want to of course).

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This webinar, led by Millie Group co-founder and CEO, Jenna Ahn, covers what has changed, and what has stayed the same with the SAT test. It also explains who should sit the test, and reasons why.

In summary, you will learn the latest facts and top tips during this webinar with Millie, which supports international school counsellors with bespoke careers and university guidance support.

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Through the practice of recording and noting past and present experiences, students learn to develop a heightened sense of their surroundings, and increase their self-confidence in expressing their ideas and reactions. This freedom to react and to record enhances the classroom and makes for richer learning experiences for both staff and pupils.

With over 30 years of experience as an educator and illustrator, Professor Xavier Pick will discuss and demonstrate in this webinar, the creative practice of responding to personal and international events through the practice of keeping a diary.

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Having run a session about using your mobile to film on, this webinar from Eye Film's Charlie Gauvin, follows up with more details, best practice and introduces editing into the mix.

Are you already making your own social media films and want some advice on how to make them better? What are the things you might be doing wrong?

This session is aimed at marketeers who not only want to create content on a regular basis but realise that using a phone is part of that process.

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Are you looking for a simple and effective way to develop your teaching practice so you can progress in your career?

Research shows that CPD is possibly the most important factor in improving teaching and learning, and accelerating pupil progress. Yet, in a world where teaching budgets are being squeezed, it's often one of the first things to be scaled back.

This makes peer observation as a means of developing your teaching skills more important than ever.

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International relocations for a family can be challenging - especially if these happen a number of times during an individual’s childhood. In this presentation, Giulia Schembri, School Counsellor at St George's British International School, Rome, will present a supported and systemic intervention programme for parents, teachers and children that has been implemented at St George’s British International School in Rome, to support third culture kids and their families.

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In this webinar, Charles Wood, Head of International at CENTURY, will present the different types of generative AI that have hit headlines since being released late last year.

Join this webinar as Charles will explore what he considers to be the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of such tools, drawing on examples from his experience of working with schools across the globe.

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In the competitive international school market, it can be challenging for institutions to stand out and attract the right students. With limited budgets and resources, it's crucial to develop effective and efficient strategies that can both improve enrolment and strengthen marketing efforts.

Join this webinar with Finalsite to learn how to develop an integrated approach that leverages both admissions and marketing to improve enrolment.During this webinar, you'll hear from Finaliste's experts in admissions and marketing, Scott Delleville and Meredith Kaplan, who will share their insights and best practices for developing an integrated strategy.

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Emotions are a normal part of our everyday lives. We all experience a range of them. However for some students, emotions can seem overwhelming, like an out-of-control roller coaster. Adolescence in general is a turbulent time given the brain development and psycho-social changes. Then add the increased academic expectations, “exam time”, exploration of identity and the strive for independence. We have a perfect storm for emotional vulnerability.

In this webinar from Komodo - led by their psychology team member, Abby, who supports schools across the globe with school-wide wellbeing measurement, solutions and strategy - you will learn what the “stress response” looks like in students from a physical and biological perspective which will help in identifying students who are emotionally vulnerable.

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ACRO support international schools who are looking to understand or further their knowledge of the International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC).

In this webinar, Ben Weir and his team will explain the ICPC, its purpose and how it can be used to inform those responsible for the safeguarding of children in international schools and organisations.

The webinar will also cover the differences between an ICPC and an enhanced DBS process, understanding the content of the ICPC, awareness of why intelligence can be important when considering the suitability of future employees and volunteers, as well as learning how to apply for an ICPC. 

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Frustrated by the lack of relevance and impact of PSHE curricula and the lack of connection between a classical subject based curriculum, Aiglon College looked to create a bespoke, tailored and philosophically driven curriculum to create global citizens for an ever changing world and change the educational paradigm.

The session - hosted by Aiglon College's Tomas Duckling and Jack George - will outline, in a step by step style, how the college built this curriculum based around their values, philosophy and, most importantly, their students. It is a model that could be employed by anyone frustrated by the lack of impact of their approach.

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The University Guys support students and schools with global university admissions.

In this webinar, the team offer updates which will allow schools to support students and families in the ever-changing world of global university admissions.

The webinar also updates school leaders and advisers on key trends within university admissions to the most popular destinations: the UK, USA, Canada and Europe. With changes for UCAS statements and references in the pipeline, court cases impacting US admissions, and significant political challenges linking to Dutch university admissions, the situation is changing considerably.

This webinar is delivered by the University Guys' David Hawkins, Founder, Melanie Moorhouse, Senior Consultant, and, Sheena Metha, Director. 

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The Times Education Commission Report has called us to rethink education in multiple ways. This new paradigm of learning includes attending to the needs and skill development of the Whole Learner. 

This webinar will help you to begin to build a foundational understanding of how the Pedagogy of Learning is changing based on science.

This session will also leave you with a greater understanding of:

  • How wellness and learning are integral to each other
  • What it means for upskilling teachers
  • What the impacts might be on a more integrated approach to curriculum

This webinar is delivered by Jen Perry, Director, Whole Learning and SEL at Edmentum, a COBIS Partner. 

Read More about Addressing the Times Commission Report: Why Wellbeing Isn’t Just About Mental Health, but Rooted in Learning Pedagogy

This webinar will explore safeguarding and wellbeing in an international school context with a particular focus on Careers Information, Advice and Guidance. This webinar will help you to:
• Understand the role of safeguarding in Careers Information, Advice and Guidance for children educated in international schools
• Understand information sharing
• Identify the importance of sharing child protection information for international children transferring to UK based educational establishments
• Examine the wider considerations of safeguarding and wellbeing for international school children

This webinar is delivered by Emily Konstantas, CEO of The Safeguarding Alliance, a COBIS Partner.

Read More about The role of safeguarding in Careers Information Advice and Guidance (‘CIAG’) for the international child.

Teaching Together in Europe (TTE) is an international initial teacher training consortium established by three European COBIS Training Schools in order to provide ITT placements to UK trainees.

We will explain why our three international schools created TTE, the process we went through and where we’re now at with the programme as we prepare for our second year of teacher trainees. We will provide our “even better ifs” and feedback from our trainees about their experiences with us as well.

Read More about Teaching Together in Europe: Establishing an international ITT partnership

Enrichment programmes are a well-established and critical part of a student's education, in and out the classroom. They offer a host of benefits, including student wellbeing and better school performance. However, the larger and more complex these programmes are, the more time your staff and teams must spend organising and managing these.

This webinar looks at the ways that tech can be used to organise enrichment activities and help your school provide a rich and varied programme that benefits your students and their families. Ultimately, reducing the pressures and stress on your teams.

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Join this session by Early Excellence to explore how the learning environment you provide can meaningfully and impactfully connect with your whole curriculum.

We will also reflect on how carefully planned routines, organisation and resources can promote a broad range of learning and development opportunities. Throughout, we will look at ways to strengthen interactions and build secure foundations for children as they begin their school learning journey.

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This webinar is not directly about leadership, and more about inspiring and empowering others. Anybody who has people who depend on them is a leader. We have leaders by titles and we have nominated leaders, with no title, maybe even no choice. Your title does not define you, your actions do.

Inspire and Empower: Those two words hold their own meaning yet share similarities. They are positive, they can be done for self or others, and each requires action. Each word generates a thought that usually makes you smile or makes you feel good about yourself and or others……

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COBIS Charity Partner SeeBeyondBorders has been working with communities, teachers and the Ministry of Education in Cambodia for almost 13 years where we build support for inclusive quality education for all Cambodian children through locally led programme based on evidence. SeeBeyondBorders focuses on improving the quality of education for Grade 1-3 by building teacher skills, confidence and materials to teach better literacy and numeracy so that children are equipped with the foundations to build brighter futures.Watch this webinar to learn more and explore areas of engagement. Together we can continue to grow and learn, raising the quality of education across the world.

Read More about Creating Change in Cambodian Education

Gamification of the lesson is a more interactive way of learning how to use ideas, concepts and tools that they already know and apply them to knowledge and research. This way we bring excitement in different stages that normally would feel dull. However, technology in class has value if it enhances and even transforms learning. How do we manage a balance between using technology to raise motivation and, at the same time, make sure it impacts learning?

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This webinar will look at supporting and developing the role of the Computing Lead in your school to ensure effective and sustainable use of technology in teaching and learning across the computing curriculum by all staff.

Computing Leads will gain an understanding of:
- How to plan effectively for broad curriculum coverage
- How to build staff confidence and engagement with computing teaching
- How to assess computing teaching and learning and celebrate success

The webinar will be presented by Danica Chapman, Regional Professional Development Manager London and East at 2Simple.

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When psychological safety is present within the school environment, students feel safe to openly communicate their thoughts and feelings, be creative, share ideas and show their authentic self. It helps build a sense of trust between students, peers and teachers, and fosters a strong sense of belonging which primes students for optimum learning engagement.

Join this webinar to learn about benefits and positive outcomes of psychological safety, as well as downsides caused by its absence. This session will also focus on ways and strategies to promote and measure psychological safety in the school environment. Komodo Psychology Lead, Ilia Lindsay will be running this webinar.

Read More about Psychological Safety in the school environment: how to create, measure and intervene

“Middle leaders are the first point of reference for most staff and are highly significant in developing a positive ethos and creating outstanding schools.”
This webinar will explore how the CPML course can support you to develop the middle leaders in your school. With recent experience of becoming COBIS Facilitators, Chris, Matt and Fran will share their journey with the CPML qualification exploring how and why the course has had such a significant impact across the board. They will cover: how to get involved; the planning of the five face to face training days; the delivery of the sessions and the visit from the COBIS Validator; their reflections and evaluations.

Through taking part in the CPML programme, middle leaders enjoy the opportunity not only to develop their own leadership skills but also to experience the impact they can have as leaders in their individual schools.

Read More about CPML: Unlocking Leadership Potential of Middle Leaders

What does designing for the new normal even mean? One thing is for certain, your school website is more important than ever in driving engagement, recruitment and retention. The designers at Finalsite work with schools around the world developing award-winning websites that not only look great but are goal-driven, mobile friendly, creative and successfully tell a school’s story.
In this session, Kealan Duffy, a multi award-winning designer, will discuss the latest design trends and share examples from schools around the world utilizing these trends. This webinar is hosted by FinalSite.

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Increasing diversity is a reality of modern day international schools. How can schools foster inclusion and belonging and ensure equity amongst staff and learners in such a milieu? Drawing from the practise in Start-Rite Schools Nigeria, where we have over 80 tribes and about 10 nationalities in the school community, the presentation highlights suggestions to enhance equality, diversity and inclusion, promote respect for diversity and support indigent youths in the wider environment by community service. This webinar is hosted by Femi Akinlade, Vice Principal of Start Rite School, Nigeria.

Read More about Diversity and Inclusion In Schools

This webinar, hosted by Phoebe Andrews of Planet Mark, will provide an insight into shifts in curriculums, UK Government legislation and international standards. Driving new expectations for educational institutions on how they operate and the best ways of educating young people about climate change and how we can tackle it as a society to reach net zero by 2050.

Read More about The Role of Educators in Net Zero and Sustainability

Youth-led social action has the power to change our communities and the world. As educators, we also know that high quality youth-led social action also has the power to change the young people taking that action. When young people are given the opportunity then it can be an incredible vehicle for developing their confidence, leadership, and a whole host of valuable skills such as research, planning and collaboration.

Read More about What an effective marketing strategy looks like and why YOU need to listen up!

Youth-led social action has the power to change our communities and the world. As educators, we also know that high quality youth-led social action also has the power to change the young people taking that action. When young people are given the opportunity then it can be an incredible vehicle for developing their confidence, leadership, and a whole host of valuable skills such as research, planning and collaboration.

Read More about How to empower your students to take action and help achieve the SDGs