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Working in partnership with Karen Ardley Associates, COBIS provided training for Middle Leaders in 3 regions this Spring: Europe, the Middle East and South America. The courses, which provide accredited professional development for Primary and Secondary Middle Leaders, were attended by more than 60 delegates from COBIS member and non-member schools, hosted at St Paul’s SchoolBritish Schools of Brussels and Doha English Speaking School. The aspiring/middle managers focused on the following key areas; the role of the middle leader/manager, our current educational agenda, an emotionally intelligent leader, effective professional development, working with teams, giving feedback, coaching for improvement, improving teaching and learning in your area and presentation skills. Some feedback from the 2016 cohorts can be found below:

I would 100% recommend this course. These 4 days have been full of educational research and practical solutions. It has been extremely insightful and has provided me with a great ‘toolbox’ to be a successful leader”

“The programme was dynamic. There was a huge amount of new concepts and clarification of concepts and I am now feeling that I can do all of this and more, thank you for everything”

(Pictured: Delegates from the British School of Brussels cohort.)