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Governor Resources

While the Head leads and manages the school from day to day, a properly constituted and effective Board of Governors plays an essential role in a successful school.

Governance structures for British international schools are very diverse – in terms of size, structure, make-up, organisation, etc. There is no one perfect solution; each must serve the needs of its school, provide critical friendship to the school’s leadership, and work to support students and the strategic direction of the school.  

A meeting of school governors

This page sets out a range of resources, training and support for international school governors, boards, and schools. While there is some reference to the Governance standards (4A-4F) within COBIS Accreditation and Compliance, the resources on this page are intended to support any international school, regardless of the accreditation or quality assurance scheme they may choose.  

"The school's governors work to support students and the strategic direction of the school."

COBIS Accreditation and Compliance Standards - Standard 4: Governance

Students in a lesson

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