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COBIS Programme for Early Career Teachers (CPECT)

Starting in September 2024

Delegate Fees: £995 (COBIS member schools)
£1,100 (COBIS non-member schools)
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COBIS is delighted to offer Early Career Teachers the opportunity to complete the two-year COBIS Programme for Early Career Teachers (CPECT).  Participants will combine theory into practice through the application of the three R’s – Read, Research and React. 

The CPECT is a programme of professional development and support for Early Career Teachers in international schools, or other teachers who want to further develop their skills. It can be completed alongside formal ECT induction (for those in an eligible school), but is also suitable for teachers who are not undergoing formal induction but wish to develop their practice. 

The COBIS programme is created using nine key components which fit together to provide a comprehensive introduction to the core body of knowledge, skills and behaviours that define excellent teaching for early career teachers in an international setting. This will be facilitated via the following:

  • Podcasts produced by a wide range of dedicated international professionals currently working in the international sector, sharing their expertise and bringing the UK Teachers’ Standards to life in context. 

  • Expanding competencies in line with the UK Teachers’ Standards through the application of theory to practice in real life situations in your school context 

  • Termly interactive online sessions to increase knowledge of the standards and support the development of both teaching skills and research skills.  

  • A programme that covers all UK Teachers’ Standards but is also flexible to tailor for the strengths and areas to be developed by teachers on their own international contexts.  

Teachers that successfully complete the two-year programme will receive a COBIS certificate stating that participants have completed the COBIS Programme for Early Careers Teachers.

Key points about the CPECT:

  • A 2-year programme for early career teachers in the international school field 
  • A blended learning approach with termly meetings and self-directed learning
  • Participants develop their professional network with other COBIS colleagues

Online dates for 2024/25:

Online sessions will be repeated twice on each day to fit in with different time zones.

16th September 2024
19th November 2024
14th January 2025
18th March 2025
3rd June 2025