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Tes Safeguarding

Tes Safeguarding provides unlimited, whole school access to a wide range of expert-written, CPD-certified, online courses in safeguarding and duty of care, for one annual price - and COBIS member schools taking out a new subscription are eligible for a 5% discount on their subscription cost.

Courses are tailored for international schools and cover topics such as:

  • Child Protection for International Schools
  • Child Protection Basics for International Schools
  • Child Protection Refresher for International Schools
  • Safeguarding Young People for International Schools
  • Staying Safe Online for International Schools
  • Trauma-Informed Practice in International Schools
  • Promoting SEND Inclusion for International Schools
  • A Guide to International Data Protection: Education
  • Safer Recruitment for International Schools
  • First Aid Essentials for International Schools
  • Children's Mental Wellbeing for International Schools

Schools can set mandatory or recommended training, and staff can also search the course library to find training that suits their needs and interests. Personalised certificates can be downloaded for course completions, and schools can monitor learning and evidence compliance through a robust reporting suite.

COBIS has worked in partnership with Tes to update two of their most popular courses

Child Protection for International Schools and Safer Recruitment for International Schools. Both these courses reflect the diverse student population and broad variety of cultures and traditions in international schools.

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