Is your School looking for professional advice, training or other forms of consultancy? Are you looking for a quality training provider?

Are you looking to set up a British curriculum school abroad and need support in doing so? 

The COBIS Consultancy Service has been carefully designed to ensure that our consultants meet the specific needs of our clients. Our highly experienced consultants can offer support to schools, commercial organisations and private investors globally.








What is the COBIS Consultancy Service Process?

  • Schools submit a consultancy request form to outline background, training needs and a suggested time frame for completion of training
  • COBIS briefs a minimum of 3 approved COBIS Consultants regarding the training project.
  • Training proposals, including costings, are invited from selected approved COBIS Consultants
  • All proposals are shared with the school
  • Schools select their chosen approved COBIS consultant
  • Chosen approved COBIS consultants will liaise directly with the school
  • The Consultancy project is delivered as per agreement
  • Schools and approved COBIS Consultants complete and submit feedback evaluations to COBIS Head Office
  • The COBIS approved Consultant invoices the school direct

What Does the COBIS Consultancy Cover?

Approved COBIS Consultants can provide a wealth of experience and expertise and offer a range of knowledge in a whole host of subjects, including (but not limited to):

Are COBIS Consultants Quality Assured?

Yes, approved COBIS Consultants have:

  • Submitted evidence of their competence in specific areas
  • Signed a memorandum of agreement which defines COBIS expectations
  • Received DBS clearance
  • A commitment to impartial, confidential, clear and timely communication
  • Undertaken to manage their work during an assignment

COBIS Consultancy Service - Guidance Notes

Suggested COBIS Consultancy Fees and Associated Costs

Case Studies

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