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AccessEd is an international organisation that believes all young people globally should have equal access to university, supported by their local communities.

How do we achieve this vision?
1) We share our proven, high-impact programme model which mobilises PhD researchers to deliver university preparatory tutoring programmes to young people across the globe.
2) We collaborate with UK universities to co-design academically robust subject, curriculum and guidance materials that increase participation in university which feed into and are used on our tutoring programmes.
3) We deliver professional development training sessions to PhD researchers that prepare them to have social and educational impact post-degree, with potential to then participate in our tutoring programmes.

These initiatives have enabled AccessEd to support young people in the UK, US, Ireland, South Africa, Botswana, Malaysia and Hong Kong, and to build the 1st global network of entrepreneurs, universities, schools/ community centres and PhDs that collaborate to create systemic change.

Access to top universities is very competitive, and students are often required to demonstrate how they have gone above and beyond the school curriculum. Our Academic Seminar Programme (ASP) - one of our university preparatory tutoring programmes - allows high-achieving secondary school students to do this by attending short, thought-provoking tutorials that are proven to boost academic engagement.

Each ASP course is exclusively designed and delivered in English by Academic Supervisors - PhD experts from prestigious UK and/or Irish universities, such as the University of Oxford, Trinity College Dublin and University College London - based on their unique, cutting-edge PhD research.

Students develop deep subject knowledge through their attendance of six university-style lectures, attend launch and graduation events as well as university enrichment workshops ranging from undergraduate study skills to bespoke admissions and applications advice, and are given access to high-quality subject specific resources.

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