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Bedrock Learning

Org Name
Bedrock Learning
Work (Primary) (Shared Household Address)
Kiln House
Norwich, NR2 1BZ
United Kingdom
+44 20 3325 9345

Bedrock Learning is a digital curriculum that helps schools transform vocabulary and grammar learning and improve whole school, cross-curricular literacy.

Bedrock Vocabulary teaches Tier 2 vocabulary through engaging texts. Learners then embark on an interactive learning sequence to ensure nuanced understanding and long term retention of this new language.

Bedrock Grammar teaches grammar knowledge in the context of original stories and engaging videos. An interactive learning sequence then develops understanding, ensuring students master these skills and can use them in their own writing.

Bedrock Mapper is a whole school approach to improving disciplinary literacy. Teachers map the subject specific, Tier 3 vocabulary they want to cover and our innovative tool teaches, assesses and reteaches the content, ensuring all learners have the language they need to access the curriculum.

All learning is assessed; learners get the feedback they need to improve and teachers get the data they need to track progress.

Contact Name
Aaron Leary
Bedrock Learning