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The Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB)

Org Name
The Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB)
Work (Primary) (Shared Household Address)
Suite 3
Endeavour House
Crow Arch Lane
Ringwood, BH24 1HP
United Kingdom
+44 1425 470555

ISEB (The Independent Schools Examination Board) was created in 1904 to run Britain’s oldest exam, Common Entrance. For the past 120 years it has been the examination board that sits at the heart of independent and international schools in the UK. Its heritage has seen it trusted as the exam board for the sector and its independence means it is able to innovate in assessment design to offer a diverse and flexible range of assessment options for schools from all over the world, whether independent, maintained or state funded. With an unrivalled reputation for robust and bespoke assessment, ISEB works with all the major UK education associations and government to create assessments that lead the way, demonstrating positive impact through publishing academic research and using its data to improve outcomes for all children.

Contact Name
Julia Martin
The Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB)