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Junior Duke Award

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Junior Duke Award
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40 Milverton Avenue
Glasgow, G614BG
United Kingdom
+44 7870440103

The Junior Duke Award is a life skills Award for primary school children helping them to grow in confidence, independence and resilience.

Created in 2007 by a Scottish primary teacher, Dawn Waugh, just for pupils in her school because many children seemed to rely heavily on adults.

The Award is one booklet per year group and has fourteen challenges, from which, the child must complete ten.
In all, there are 98 challenges including skills like: puncture repair, budgeting, trip planning, cookery etc. A Head Teacher in Dubai, Rachael Wilding, created four additional cultural skills per level aimed at increasing children’s knowledge of their country.

The Award does not encroach on the school timetable. On completion of a level, children earn a certificate and metal badge.

Our vision is to give every child the affordable opportunity to have a variety of experiences and to learn skills they may otherwise not have encountered.

Recommendations from COBIS member schools for the Junior Duke Award

Since we introduced the Junior Duke Award at Jebel Ali School last academic year, we have had more than 800 children sign-up for the award during the previous two years. The award encourages the children to develop life skills, resilience, problem-solving, independence, motivation and foster a can-do attitude. Rachael Wilding and Dawn Waugh have been very supportive throughout the whole process, from assistance with admin, sharing resources, assemblies and prompt delivery of certificates and booklets. - Jebel Ali School, Dubai

We have worked with Junior Dukes now since the beginning of the 2020/21 Academic year. The introduction of a high quality programme which allows children of all ages to access valuable skills across a broad spectrum of activities has been transformational to our school. It is valued by children, parents and staff alike. We have, in both years of operation, had nearly 200 children participating, which is around 1/3rd of our eligible roll. The quality of outcomes we see from the programme are extremely high, and we will definitely continue with the programme moving forward. I would wholeheartedly recommend Junior Dukes to other schools (Indeed I have already recommended to two schools locally who have since taken up the scheme). - Victory Heights Primary School, Dubai

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Rachael Wilding
Junior Duke Award