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The Economist Educational Foundation

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The Economist Educational Foundation
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20 Cabot Square
London, EC14 1QW
United Kingdom
+44 207 8576 8133

In an age of misinformation, polarisation and fake news, our students are bombarded with media they can’t make sense of and debates they can’t access. So how do we get students talking, and thinking critically, about the most pressing issues of our time?

The Economist Educational Foundation’s Topical Talk resources combine journalistic expertise with innovative teaching know-how. Each week you’ll receive ready-made and fully-planned lessons that tackle real issues, head-on: from racial equity to the climate crisis, these resources empower your students to have informed, open-minded discussions about the news stories affecting their lives.

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Choose from two types of resources:

Projects that explore one issue in depth over five weeks.
• Sequenced session plans that build towards a final piece of work
• Printable supporting resources
• Online polling
• Q&A with global topic experts
Headlines that cover a different news story each week.
• Weekly session plans
• Printable supporting resources
• Online polling

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Molly Rutherford
The Economist Educational Foundation