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Org Name
Work (Primary) (Shared Household Address)
8 Mannin Way
Caton Road
Lancaster, LA1 3SW
United Kingdom
+44 1524 580665

IDL is a UK company, wholly owned by a charity, that provides award-winning Literacy and Numeracy intervention software for schools at a primary and secondary level worldwide. Our software is targeted at dyslexia and dyscalculia but is suitable for all learners ages 5-16, including for those with EAL, low attainers, and those who are behind in their work. Our screener for dyscalculia is free to all schools.

Over 3,300 schools worldwide use IDL interventions, which have helped over 218,000 children. IDL Literacy has been proven to increase pupils’ reading and spelling ages on average by around 11 months after just 26 hours of use. IDL is great for normal school provision but also for distanced learning, with teachers able to set up, instruct and monitor their pupils remotely.

To hear more about what we offer, and access a free 6 month trial, please get in touch.

Contact Name
Oliver Knott