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Seneca Learning

Org Name
Seneca Learning
Work (Primary) (Shared Household Address)
9th Floor Nova South
160 Victoria St
London, SW1E 5LB
United Kingdom
+44 7963 491748

Seneca is an online platform that uses neuroscience and data science to optimise learning. Our smart algorithm keeps track of each student's answers, adjusting their learning path accordingly and creating a truly adaptive and differentiated experience for each pupil.

Teachers can set homework in under 30 seconds and use automated marking to track individual student progress. By identifying gaps in learning, Seneca assists teachers with formative assessment and in creating the perfect teaching plan.

We offer integration with Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams in addition to the main school MIS tools. Senior Leaders can opt in to receive sophisticated whole-school data, including comparisons between progress of year groups, classes, departments and target groups.

Our content is used by over 6 million people around the world. We cover a wide range of subjects that go from Primary to GCSE and A-Levels, and are exam-board specific (IB, CIE, BTEC, AQA, Edexcel, WJEC, OCR).

Contact Name
Dr Flavia Belham
Seneca Learning