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Org Name
Work (Shared Household Address)
Avalon House, 1 Savannah Way, Leeds Valley Park
Leeds, LS10 1AB
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 870 1999 500

Established in 2001, Smoothwall are specialist developers of web filtering and monitoring solutions. Smoothwall are dedicated to providing a safer web for children to learn and explore, and have pioneered real-time content aware web filtering, designed to provide international schools around the globe, with the tools they need to effectively safeguard their users and meet online safety obligations. Working in partnership with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), Smoothwall also implement the CAIC list of domains and URLs, and the police addressed list of unlawful terrorist content. With all of the above, plus Smoothwall’s unique Safeguarding Suite, allowing schools to report on individual user activity and generating meaningful analysis of any search terms entered, decision makers can be confident in the knowledge that Smoothwall solutions are the right choice.

Contact Name
Luke Godfrey