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Work (Shared Household Address)
4th Floor, 33 Cannon Street London
London, EC4M 5SB
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 20 7307 8677

Mangahigh is an online resource for primary and secondary level maths that boosts student engagement and results via a unique combination of games and adaptive exercises that simply make learning more fun.

In use by over 5k schools, the digital platform enables teachers to find and assign curriculum-aligned activities to their students for class or for homework, analyse performance using built-in diagnostic tools and personalise instruction. Mangahigh’s intelligent algorithms also guide each student through a unique learning pathway based on their learning needs.

The greatest strength of Mangahigh is its ability to engage, motivate and positively influence students of all abilities towards learning maths. Sign-up for a free trial at

Contact Name
Jennifer Storey