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3 Cadogen Gate, Chelsea
London, SW3 3XB
United Kingdom
+44 207 078 3277

Kinteract is a lifelong portable learning record that enhances student development by tracking progress from early years to graduation.

With intuitive design, powerful analysis and instant communication, Kinteract enables teachers to easily and securely track and share progress through multimedia inputs and outputs. Unlike other providers, language translation capability improves parental engagement by making highlights accessible for all. Being device and curriculum agnostic, Kinteract is relevant in any learning environment globally.

Taking real-time reporting to a new level, Kinteract enables teachers to predict progress and address individual learning needs without increasing workload. What’s more, senior leadership benefits from the analytical tools to support data-driven decision-making at both individual and institution level.

Many platforms provide some of the capabilities that Kinteract excels in, but none bring together all the functionality Kinteract can offer in one place. With this in mind, Kinteract aims to change learning, encourage progress and nurture the life skills needed in today’s world.

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Kajal Patel