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Intergreat Education Group Ltd

Org Name
Intergreat Education Group Ltd
Work (Shared Household Address)
29 Threadneedle Street
London, EC2R 8AY
United Kingdom
+44 0203 856 8188

InterGreat Education Group (英萃教育集团) was founded in 2005 to facilitate academic progression for international students wishing to study abroad. Since then, IEG has developed and invested in numerous products and ventures, realising our strategy of establishing an online shared ecosystem of students, parents, institutions and teachers, paving an easier journey from early years to first career. We also provide tools such as online assessments, exam preparation, online tuition, and application systems, taking advantage of innovative technology to ensure success after success for our students. 

An international team hailing from over 12 different countries, we believe that companies, like parents, should invest in great education. IEG's head office is situated on Threadneedle Street in London, an iconic street home to the Bank of England, with branch offices in other regions of the UK, China, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka and Egypt.

Contact Name
Alexander Lindon-Morris
Intergreat Education Group Ltd