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Newcastle Enterprise Centres, 6 Charlotte Sq
, NE1 4XF
United Kingdom
+191 338 7830

A Premier Partner of ASCL, GCSEPod is proven to have an impact on progress and attainment.

With multi-platform access and seamless integration, GCSEPod provides an essential role impacting rates of progress within any school. 4000+ audio-visual pods are rigorously mapped to over 20 subjects, written by expert teachers, provides students with all the tools necessary for success. This ever-evolving resource benefits all achievement levels. In or out of school, on or offline. Intervention and accountability are facilitated by dedicated project management. Time-saving, reliable tools for educators allow more time for teaching and supporting independent learning. 

Thank you to GCSEPod for the superb online resources which our students used last year to support them in preparing for the GCSEs. We had our best results ever and our progress 8 figure is likely to be above 0.4 which is well above the national average on all measures. Students have found GCSEPod as a superb support for them during the year.
Julie Rudge, Headteacher, Thomas Alleyne's High School

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Alex Oselton
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Digital Marketing Executive
GCSEPod (Soundbitelearning UK Ltd)