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Andrey Prikazchikov

COBIS is delighted to welcome REAL School in Budapest, Hungary into membership following a successful Compliance process.

REAL School is the first school to be awarded membership through a virtual Compliance process and successfully demonstrated that it met the COBIS Standards across all areas.

REAL School is part of a pilot virtual accreditation project currently being undertaken by COBIS following the cessation of school visits due to the COVID pandemic. REAL School was carefully selected as suitable for this virtual process after close consultation between the COBIS Accreditation Team, REAL School Director, Barna Barath and REAL School Principal, Dave Strudwick.

"REAL School were so pleased to have engaged with the COBIS compliance process," said Dave Strudwick, Principal of REAL School Budapest. "We found the whole approach, including the online meetings and tours, to be so helpful for us developmentally. We had access to the knowledge and understanding of Gary and Janette (our Lead Improvement Partners); who shared their expertise freely and took us through a rigorous process to ensure we had the necessary foundations to grow our school and make it even better. Most pleasingly, they recognised the strengths and distinctive heart of our school which left staff, parents and children connected to our future development in new ways."
"By conducting a virtual compliance visit, COBIS have bravely adapted their process to the changing circumstances in the world - just like what our learners will need to do as a core skill," added Barna Baráth, Founder. "We are grateful for all the value the Lead Improvement Partners have brought while working with us through the upgraded standards. Their professional yet highly personal approach brought the best out of our team."

COBIS Director of Accreditation, Gary Minnitt said: "It was an absolute delight and privilege for Janette and I to work with the REAL community during this process. They were given a number of commendations, along with the next step recommendations, and the prestigious Blue Circle Award for their commitment to learning around sustainability. This now makes them a beacon school and a centre of excellence for other COBIS schools to approach on this area. The school is in its second year but has achieved so much in such a short space of time. This is just the start of our relationship with REAL and we look forward to working with such receptive, reflective and enterprising colleagues in the years ahead..”
COBIS would like to congratulate REAL School on this wonderful achievement and looks forward to working with the vibrant REAL School community in the future.