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Andrey Prikazchikov

From March 2022, we will recognise accreditation from The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) as a potential route to COBIS membership

This recognition demonstrates both our continued commitment to robust quality assurance, and to providing choice for the British international school community.

NEASC accredited schools who meet the COBIS membership application criteria and are subsequently ratified by the COBIS Board will be recognised as ‘COBIS Accredited Members’ and will have access to our wide network of schools, services, and other membership benefits.

COBIS understands that schools have different priorities and objectives in terms of which quality assurance route will be suitable for their context. In addition to COBIS’ Patron’s Accreditation and Compliance and NEASC, COBIS recognises BSO inspection and CIS accreditation as potential routes to membership. Each quality assurance route is rigorous, and all applications must successfully meet COBIS internal criteria to be recommended to the Board for ratification.   

By recognising this new membership route, we reaffirm our mission to support high-quality British International schools around the world by providing further access and choice. NEASC share our deep commitment to school improvement through high standards of quality assurance, and consequently to helping schools and communities thrive.” - Colin Bell, CEO, COBIS

“Through this new partnership with COBIS, NEASC is pleased to highlight our shared values and commitment to high-quality international education around the world. We are excited to create unique opportunities for members of both organizations to engage with a broader array of school improvement resources, cultivate global peer connections, and access a robust foundation of support for student well-being.” - Cameron C. Staples, President/CEO, NEASC

For more information about applying for COBIS membership, please contact Natalie Williams, Membership and Engagement Manager on