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Andrey Prikazchikov

COBIS is pleased to announce a new membership route for online schools that have been accredited through the Department for Education’s Online Education Accreditation Scheme (OEAS).

Schools that have this accreditation are eligible to become a COBIS Accredited Member (OEAS), enjoying all the benefits of COBIS Membership. COBIS recently welcomed the first school via this route, Sophia High School. Melissa McBride, Founder and CEO of Sophia High School, said, “We are thrilled to become the first online school to be accredited as members of COBIS. This milestone follows our recent accreditation by the DfE under the Online Education Accreditation Scheme (OEAS), solidifying our commitment to providing the highest quality online education.  As pioneers in this rapidly growing sector, we recognise the crucial importance of rigorous quality assurance standards. Joining the esteemed COBIS community opens up a world of exciting opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and the exchange of best practises with like-minded educators from around the globe. Together, we can shape the future of education, ensuring that students everywhere have access to exceptional learning experiences, regardless of their physical location.”

Colin Bell, COBIS CEO, said: “We are very pleased to share the news of our new membership route via OEAS. Online schools are a vital part of the sector, making education available to everyone, everywhere, no matter the circumstances. Opening up this route to COBIS membership only strengthens our network, and we are proud to recognise the hard work and valuable input of online schools. The robust standards of COBIS and the Department of Education ensure that online schools are held to the same mark of excellence as any other, and we are delighted to welcome Sophia High School as our first OEAS Members- the first of many to come!”

Find out more about becoming a COBIS Accredited Member (OEAS)