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Maeve O'Leary

COBIS and UCAS are pleased to announce the recent joint signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

The two organisations have worked together for several years on various initiatives. Now, both organisations are formalising the relationship to further enhance the experience of our mutual members and the international students you support.

Of the signing, Colin Bell, COBIS CEO said: “COBIS recognises fully the importance of high-quality third level education, and we work hard to ensure that students and learners take every opportunity they can to continue their education. We are proud of our work to provide university and careers guidance to our members. 
This MOU with UCAS demonstrates our commitment to higher learning, and will positively impact thousands of COBIS students around the world. As a member of the UCAS International Advisory Group, I am pleased that the relationship between COBIS and UCAS will serve to create opportunities for COBIS member schools and the broader international school sector worldwide.”

UCAS Director Of International, Chris Kirk, said: “UCAS is the global gateway to UK higher education, supporting over 140,000 international applicants each year to apply to their university or college of choice. This includes many who apply through our extensive network of over 3,000 UCAS registered centres – comprised of schools, agents or independent advisers overseas…. This (MOU) reinforces our commitment to supporting key school networks, and the passionate advisers working within. Together, pulling in the same direction to help future international students make best-fit decisions, we will drive the sustainability of the UK higher education sector at undergraduate level, and we at UCAS are excited to work with COBIS in doing so.”