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The Advantages of Incorporating a School Blog into Your Admissions and Marketing Strategy
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This blog is from one of COBIS' Supporting Associates, Finalsite.

Is blogging lingering on your to-do list?  Why not prioritize it in 2024 and integrate it into your school's admissions and marketing plan?

Effective blogging provides the opportunity to share untold stories, amplify community voices, and enhance organic search performance. Also, considering that international families may not always have the opportunity to visit the school before moving abroad, a blog can offer a detailed view of your school from various perspectives. It helps families envision themselves as part of your school story.

Benefits of Blogging

With the right strategy and tools, a school blog can transform communication, engaging prospective families and significantly improving both enrollment and retention. Successful blogging has demonstrated its ability to boost website traffic and enhance engagement for your current community as well.


Blogging is a budget-friendly way to drive valuable website traffic, seamlessly integrating into content marketing for lead generation without the costs of digital ads. It's ideal for crowdsourcing from your community including students, faculty, and parents eager to share insights.

Thought Leadership

Blogging amplifies community voices, fostering diverse thought and providing a platform for leadership. Sharing relevant content establishes your school as a market leader, extending reach through commonly shared pieces and creative content from various contributors.

Search Engine Optimization

It can enhance search engine optimization (SEO) and website traffic when titles and topics align with users’ searches. With the right blog titles that align with user searches, you increase the likelihood of your blog answering queries thus driving engagement and boosting performance in search results.

What to Blog About

International schools are bustling both in and out of the classroom so schools should not struggle with content ideas. From the admissions office, teaching staff, and coaches, collaborating with various departments will help you identify topics that will resonate with parents at different stages of the enrollment process. By providing comprehensive insights rather than solely promoting your school, you establish trust and credibility.

Great topics include "how-to," "best of," and "why," aiming to capture a user's attention and draw them to your website.  If you are looking for other creative ideas, check out this blog on blogging!

Getting Started

Data shows that the more you blog, the better your results will be. Starting with one or two blogs per week is ideal. However, if you can only blog once a month, focus on one target audience or stage of the funnel. As you improve, you can increase the frequency.

If you haven't started a blog or want to rethink your approach, Finalsite has a new blogging guide to help! Packed with tips and ideas, this guide will get you started.

Download your free copy today.