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Partnership Developments
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Written by David Boddy, Director of International Development, City of London Freemen’s School

An international school team requested an early morning demonstration of our Digital Immersive Learning Platform, initially developed for Harvard but now in use by our teachers in our global partnership programme.

The platform was initially developed by US company, X20 Media. It provides state-of-the-art digital technology in a very immersive environment which our teachers say replicates the physical classroom brilliantly. It is allowing Freemen’s teachers to teach A levels directly into the classrooms of schools we have partnered with. The first of those schools includes COBIS members British Education Korea.

The early morning call came hard on the heels of the COBIS conference where we had met several brilliant school leaders; educationists inspired entirely by the uplift of young minds and hearts and determined to make the world a better place. The conference theme was still playing in my mind – Connect, Reflect and Explore.

The two sets of meetings brought forth some reflections.

  • It’s only really possible to do business with like-minded people who you like and with whom you are on the same wavelength.
  • Values and purpose matter.  Without shared values and a common sense of purpose, any business dealings simply will not embed and become meaningful
  • It’s really important to know what business you and your prospective partner are both in. We in COBIS are clearly in the business of delivering high value teaching and learning and whatever flows from that (such as financial success) is a by-product of the activity, not the reason for it.
  • The COBIS family is rather special; as new members, we are seeing this for the first time, and it is very encouraging.

This is leading us to explore further our global partnerships programme, alongside (as much as possible) members of COBIS. They just tick so many of our boxes. Of course, not every connection will lead to something further. But even if you together decide not to do something in partnership, the friendship remains. And that is why the COBIS family will feature very strongly in our ambitious development plans.

And after the conference?

We are very keen to connect with more of the family.