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Breaking Borders, Building Futures: The Transformative Impact of Teaching Together Europe (TTE) Programme

The British School of Brussels (BSB), the English College (ECP) in Prague and St George’s British International School Rome (SGBIS), three COBIS Training Schools, have come together in partnership with two UK School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) providers; Nottinghamshire Torch, a part of the Nova Educational Trust, and The Pennine Lancashire SCITT (Embrace Teaching School Hub) to form a Professional Learning Network and Consortium called Teaching Together Europe (TTE).  This welcomes trainee teachers from the aforementioned SCITTS to apply and and take part in an interview to experience a fully funded 5-6 week teaching placements in one of the three respective cities of our TTE COBIS Schools. This academic year, TTE have accepted placements for 18 aspiring educators.

As the Teaching Together Europe (TTE) programme enters its third year, the success stories and transformative experiences continue to unfold. This unique initiative, where three schools collaborate to expand educational horizons, has seen remarkable achievements and is leaving an indelible mark on both our students and educators.

The success of the TTE programme is evident in various facets. Not only has it provided invaluable experiences for the trainees; teaching in an international context, but it has also garnered recognition for the mentors and students involved. TTE mentors have been nominated for mentor of the year, keeping all three schools up-to-date with current Teaching Standards and ITT/E policy in England, as well as garnishing fresh ideas from the trainees and role-modelling to our students, what being an aspiring young professional looks like.

The success of the programme is reflected in the increasing number of applications each year. As the reputation of TTE continues to grow, it has become a sought-after opportunity for those seeking a global perspective in education. In the Primary sector, students had opportunities to observe teachers across a range of year groups as well as teaching a specific class and had a greater sense of freedom when planning lessons to  promote global awareness considering how diverse, inclusive and international the schools are.

The programme's impact on both personal and professional development has encouragingly seen the SCITTs applications increase, as we globally experience challenges and pressures in teacher recruitment, as well as drawing wider interest from other educational training institutions both in the UK and internationally.

An additional resulting success of the TTE initiative is the Professional Learning Network (PLN) it has created.  Initially this network comprised of school leaders and mentors, but as our professional relationships grow, so too do the opportunities for genuine collaboration on a wider school scale, allowing staff from a range of roles to purposefully connect within the PLN. Looking ahead, TTE is set to elevate its collaborative efforts. Plans for joint Professional Learning  days between the three schools are underway. These sessions will bring together teachers from BSB, ECP and SGBIS, fostering an environment of shared learning and collaborative growth.

The Collaborative, networked Professional Learning  days will feature a diverse array of PL Opportunities. From action research projects to workshop delivery sessions, teachers will have the opportunity to collaborate on pre-planned agendas that transcend geographical boundaries. The day will kick off and conclude with video conferencing, creating a seamless connection between the participating schools. Some sessions during the joint training days will take place online, utilising digital platforms to facilitate collaboration. Teachers will engage in discussions, share insights, and work together on projects that add depth and purpose to their communities of practice, whilst spanning the spectrum of education. Additionally, the programme will feature sessions led by staff and who visit other schools, creating a unique opportunity for cross-cultural exchange and professional learning.

As Teaching Together Europe enters its third year of placements, the momentum and success of the programme are undeniable. With a growing number of trainees, nominations for mentor of the year, and plans for innovative collaborations, TTE is at the forefront of fostering global perspectives in education. The joint training days and ongoing initiatives reflect a commitment to breaking down educational barriers and embracing the boundless potential of international collaboration. As the programme continues to evolve, it stands as a testament to the power of unity in education and the enduring impact of transcending borders in the pursuit of inquiry, relations and knowledge.

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