Annual Research Survey

COBIS Annual Research Survey 2019

The COBIS Annual Research survey, in partnership with GL Education, collected COBIS school information relating to the 2018/19 academic year. With questions about curriculum, assessments, school leaver destinations, student and staff nationalities, class sizes, and staff turnover, the results of the survey support the lobbying work of COBIS and help inform the strategic development of the association. 

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Headline figures:

  • 79% of responding schools indicated that student numbers had increased over the past three years.
  • COBIS schools perform strongly at A-Level compared with the UK average, with an 18.9% higher A*/A pass rate, a 16.4% higher A*/B pass rate and a 6.8% higher A*/C pass rate. 
  • COBIS schools perform strongly at GCSE/IGCSE compared with the UK average with a 26.2% higher A*/A (9-7) pass rate and a 19.1% higher A*/C (9-4) pass rate.
  • 92% of school leavers from COBIS schools in 2019 went on to university, with 53% choosing a UK university.
  • The number of student nationalities in COBIS schools ranges from 3 to 110.

Download the 2019 Summary Report

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