Annual Research Survey

2018 COBIS Annual Research Survey

The 2018 COBIS Annual Research Survey, in partnership with GL Education, collects information about assessment and curriculum choices, examination results and university destinations for students in COBIS schools.

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Headline Figures:

  • COBIS schools perform strongly at A-Level compared with the UK average, with a 17.5% higher A*/A pass rate, a 13.9% higher A*/B pass rate and a 9.9% higher A*/C pass rate. 
  • COBIS schools perform strongly at GCSE/IGCSE compared with the UK average with a 36.7% higher A*/A pass rate and a 26% higher A*/C pass rate.
  • The percentage of students gaining top (A*/A) in COBIS schools has increased from 2017 for both A-Level (+4.9%) and GCSE/IGCSE (+4.2%).
  • 92% of school leavers from COBIS schools went on to university in 2018, with 47% choosing a UK university.

Download the 2018 Summary Report

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