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Retain Your Membership

Member schools must renew their quality assurance every five years in order to retain their membership and meet our high standards.


This can be done either through one of the COBIS quality assurance schemes, the Patron’s Accreditation or Compliance, or through the BSO inspection, or CIS or NEASC accreditation routes.

For more information about the different ways in which you can retain your COBIS membership, click on the quality assurance options below:

Retain via COBIS Patron’s Accreditation and Compliance

All existing COBIS members are invited to renew their quality assurance and retain their membership through the COBIS Patron’s Accreditation and Compliance schemes.

For more information, please click here.

Process (pre-visit): 


  • Step 1 - School applies online and makes full payment for Compliance or the Patron’s Accreditation.
  • Step 2 - School is given access to the Digital Workbook (DWB) and completes the School Profile and Self Evaluation Form.
  • Step 3 - COBIS contacts the school to confirm visit dates. 
  • Step 4 - Once the visit dates have been agreed, the school is given full access to the Compliance/Accreditation tabs in the DWB and is allocated a Lead Improvement Partner (LIP) to guide them through the process of uploading evidence against the Compliance/Accreditation Standards.
  • Step 5 -  LIP maintains contact with school and organises calls/Skype interviews etc. before visit as well as visit schedule covering areas of focus agreed by Head and LIP.
  • Step 6 – School visit takes place.

Process (post-visit):


  • Step 7 - Once the visit has been completed, the LIP and the team will draft the report, which includes the membership status recommendation.  
  • Step 8 –  The report and membership recommendation is reviewed by the COBIS Membership and Accreditation Committee and ratified by the COBIS Board. 
  • Step 9 – Membership is confirmed. Report and membership recommendation is sent to the school. If the school is admitted to membership, the school will receive membership documents plus a detailed report within 4-6 weeks of the visit. A Summary report may also be provided for public use. 
  • Step 10 - The school is contacted annually by the LIP / Director of Accreditation to provide support or request updated documentation.
  • Step 11 - 4 years after the visit, COBIS will contact the school, giving them a year’s notice to schedule their next visit. The quality assurance review cycle is designed to be on a 5 year basis. Return to Step 1.


REnew YOur Quality Assurance 

Retain via BSO Inspection, CIS Accreditation or NEASC Accreditation route



  • Step 1 - School applies online. No payment is required for existing members.
  • Step 2  (For BSO route) - Application is approved by COBIS. The school completes their school profile on the Digital Workbook (DWB) and uploads both the BSO inspection report and the associated action plan.
  • Step 2  (For CIS route) - Application is approved by COBIS. The school completes their school profile on the Digital Workbook (DWB) and uploads the following documents: CIS Outcome Letter recognising accredited status; CIS Accreditation Report with ratings for all standards; Action Plan addressing School development plan and any questions arising from the CIS Outcome Letter and Accreditation Report; Statement of commitment to British Educational Ethos and Values
  • Step 2  (For NEASC route) - The school provides External Review Visit Report, Outcome letter confirming NEASC accreditation status and Statement of commitment to British Educational Ethos and Values
  • Step 3 – Documents are reviewed by the Membership and Accreditation Committee.
  • Step 4 – Membership is ratified by the COBIS Board.
  • Step 5 – Membership is confirmed.

REnew your QUality Assurance