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Accredited Member (CIS)

We are delighted to recognise international accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS) as an option for schools seeking to join COBIS. This recognition demonstrates both our continued commitment to robust quality assurance and to providing choice for the British international school community.

CIS Accredited schools will be able to apply and/or requalify for COBIS membership by submitting an online application.

Schools who complete the COBIS membership application process will be recognised as ‘COBIS Accredited Members’ and will have access to our wide network of schools, services, and other membership benefits.

As a COBIS Accredited Member (CIS) you will benefit from:

  • Recognition of quality from the premier membership association for British international schools
  • Regional and in-country networks for peer advice and support
  • Access to tools for attracting British qualified and internationally focused staff
  • Safeguarding services for safer recruitment
  • Residential and online events for students to safely engage with peers across the globe
  • Representation and support through lobbying with the British and international governments
  • Full calendar of professional development opportunities for teaching and non-teaching staff
  • And more

cLICK HERE TO APPLY for accredited member status