The Patron's Accreditation and Compliance

What is the COBIS Compliance and Patron’s Accreditation?

  • The primary route to COBIS membership 
  • An external validation scheme on a 5-year cycle
  • A tailored approach, based on rigorous standards and self-evaluation
  • Recognises strengths while providing next steps for schools to improve and grow
  • A professional partnership with each of our schools

How is it different, and what are the benefits?

  • COBIS Compliance and Patron’s Accreditation is based on validation of evidence provided by our schools. It is not an inspection regime, nor do we form judgements
  • With our high compliance standards, we work with our schools to help them to be as safe and secure as they can be
  • We recognise and appreciate the context in which our schools sit
  • An interactive process over a five-year cycle; not a one-off snapshot
  • Supportive dialogue with our Lead Improvement Partners (LIPs) and Accreditation Team builds solid professional relationships and lasting partnerships
  • Patron’s Accreditation involves central observation of learning and teaching with feedback for each teacher during a visit
  • Choice for schools to extend the range of Patron’s Accreditation with larger teams and two optional elements: Communication and Extra-Curricular

What is the difference between Compliance and Patron’s Accreditation (PA)?

  • For Compliance, standards 1-5 are mandatory (plus standard 6 for boarding)
  • Standards 7-10 are only available with Patron's Accreditation 
  • Compliance is the minimum requirement for COBIS membership and features a 2.5-day LIP visit
  • Patron's Accreditation validates learning and teaching and leadership with a three-day team visit along with areas of compliance against our standards
  • Compliance leads to Member status, PA to Patron’s Accredited Member status

How can schools apply?

  • Each school chooses their preferred scheme (Compliance or PA), applies and pays online or by invoice
  • Visits are scheduled around six months to a year in advance by mutual agreement
  • A Lead Improvement Partner (LIP) is allocated to the school 4-6 months before their visit
  • The school uploads evidence to the Digital Workbook (DWB) to be reviewed by their LIP
  • Schools and LIPs have ongoing dialogue before each visit to ensure schools are well-prepared and have sufficient evidence for a successful visit
  • The LIP produces a report, which is quality assured and reviewed by the COBIS Accreditation Team and the COBIS Membership and Accreditation Committee, then ratified by the COBIS Board
  • A written report, based on the verbal feedback given at the end of the school visit and membership documents are provided to the school approximately six weeks after successful visits
  • Should a school be non-compliant in one or more areas, COBIS and the LIP work with them to formulate an action plan to lead to compliance as soon as possible

APPLY FOR compliance or

COBIS Chairman and CEO present Hartland International School with their Patron's Accreditation

Doha College receive their Patron's Accreditation certificate

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