The COBIS membership application process is robust and thorough and schools are requested to provide comprehensive information about varied aspects of the school, staff, pupils and pastoral care.

All COBIS membership applications are processed via our new Patron's Accreditation and Compliance system. A visit is a compulsory part of this school improvement process. To be eligible, the applicant school must have been in operation for a minimum of 6 months by the time of the visit. If the school is not yet operation, you may want to consider COBIS Provisional School Membership.

Click here to view the Standards for The Patron's Accreditation and Compliance.


Schools that have been BSO inspected can also join COBIS. BSO schools will be required to submit their BSO report and an associated Action Plan. If successful, they will be granted COBIS Accredited Member status without submitting further evidence or organising a school visit.

How to apply

Please note:


An application fee of £310 is payable for all new schools applying to join COBIS.

Existing Member/Accredited Member schools do not pay this registration fee.

Application Process

  1. 1. School chooses programme to follow – COBIS Compliance or Patron’s Accreditation.
  2. 2. School applies online and makes full payment for COBIS Compliance or COBIS Patron’s Accreditation.
  3. 3. School is given access to the Digital Workbook and completes School Profile (basic details)
  4. 4. COBIS will contact the school to confirm visit dates.
  5. 5. School (undergoing the full Patron’s Accreditation) will also confirm if they wish to include the optional accreditation units as part of the process.
  6. 6. Once dates have been agreed school is given full access to the Compliance/Accreditation tabs in the Digital Workbook and allocated a Lead Improvement Partner (LIP) to guide them through the process of uploading evidence against the COBIS Compliance/Accreditation Standards.
  7. 7. LIP maintains contact with school and organises calls/Skype interviews etc. before visit as well as visit schedule covering areas of focus agreed by Head and LIP.
  8. 8. Once the visit has been completed, the LIP and the team will draft the report. If the school is admitted to membership, the school will receive Membership documents plus a detailed report within 4-6 weeks of the visit. A Summary report may also be provided for public use.
  9. 9. The school will be sent a certificate confirming their member status.
  10. 10. The school is contacted annually by LIP / Director of Accreditation to provide support or request updated documentation.
  11. 11. 4 years after the visit, COBIS will contact the school giving them 1 year's notice to schedule their next visit. The review cycle is designed to be on a 5 year basis

Key Programme Facts:

Compliance: Mandatory Standards: 1-5 (+ potential Boarding)

Visit: 2.5 days by a Lead Improvement Partner (LIP)

Cost: £3869* + visit (LIP accommodation, travel etc.)

Please note this cost, along with the £310 Application Fee if applicable, is payable up front. 

Membership Status: COBIS Member – valid for 5 years


Patron’s Accreditation: Mandatory Standards: 1-5, 7&8 (9 & 10 optional) (+ potential Boarding)

Visit: 3 days by a Lead Improvement Partner and team of 3 Peer Accreditors (additional Peer Accreditors may be required if optional standards are chosen).

Cost: £8943* + visit (accommodation, travel etc. for visiting team)

Please note this cost, along with the £310 Application Fee if applicable, is payable up front. 

Membership Status: Patron’s Accredited Member – valid for 5 years


Please note: Annual membership subscription fees (based on pupil numbers) are payable in addition.

*All costs are subject to change.


Using the Digital Workbook - a key part of The Patron's Accreditation and Compliance

Please contact for further information or call Sharon Gallagher (COBIS Accreditation Officer) on +44 (0) 203 826 7199


To find out more about the benefits of COBIS school membership, please contact Tatjana Guadalupe (COBIS Membership Officer) on