Membership Categories

Under this new system, by 1 September 2022, all COBIS schools will be either a COBIS Patron’s Accredited School, COBIS Accredited Member School or a COBIS Member School.

From 1 April 2017, the new COBIS School membership categories will be:

  • COBIS Patron’s Accredited School
    Completed COBIS Patron’s Accreditation

    COBIS Accredited Member School
    Completed BSO inspection

    COBIS Member School
    Completed COBIS Compliance

All other schools that are in the application stage for pre-COBIS Compliance check, pre-COBIS Patron's Accreditation or pre-BSO inspection will be known as COBIS Applicant School

Validity Period of COBIS and External Quality Assurance

1. The COBIS Compliance check is valid on a 5-year cycle

2. The COBIS Patron’s Accreditation, which includes a COBIS Compliance check, is valid on a 5-year cycle

3. As it currently operates, COBIS continues to recognise a successful 'BSO' inspection for a 5-year period from date of report

4. As it currently operates, COBIS recognises the validity of CIS Accreditation on a 5-year cycle

5. A CIS Accredited school is required to be COBIS Compliant

In addition

1. Once a COBIS Compliance check is completed, COBIS Member School status is awarded for 5-years

2. After 4.5 years COBIS Member Schools will be given 6 months to prepare for their next COBIS Compliance, BSO inspection or COBIS Patron’s Accreditation quality assurance cycle.

3. All COBIS Member Schools will need to complete COBIS Compliance to retain membership - this is a minimum requirement

4. COBIS Member Schools are encouraged to work towards either COBIS Patron’s Accredited School status (or COBIS Accredited School status)

5. Once awarded, Accredited status is valid on a 5-year cycle

6. After 4.5 years, COBIS Accredited Schools will be given 6 months to prepare for their next COBIS Patron’s Accreditation (or a BSO inspection)