Initial Teacher Training Opportunities in International Schools

COBIS is encouraging high-quality British International Schools to support the development and supply of teachers by engaging with Initial Teacher Training (ITT) routes in an international context. As part of the recent COBIS Teacher Supply Research, responding schools indicated that ITT programmes for local staff and flexible conversion routes to QTS/PGCE would play a key role in boosting teacher supply and retention. COBIS proposed three recommendations as part of that research to support Teacher Supply, both domestically and internationally, one of which was to increase international training opportunities including recruitment overseas into ITT.

In response, COBIS is now signposting high-quality Initial Teacher Training (ITT) opportunities to international schools, with preferential rates for COBIS Members.

Tes Institute’s Straight to Teaching, Assessment Only QTS and iPGCE in association with COBIS

We are pleased to announce that COBIS and Tes Institute have joined forces to help promote and deliver solutions to support schools with the supply and retention of teachers, with the launch of a new affiliate teacher training scheme for international schools.

Tes Institute’s Straight to Teaching, Assessment Only QTS and iPGCE in association with COBIS

COBIS members will now be able to access Tes Institute’s personalised and flexible QTS preparation programme Straight to Teaching, as well as an Assessment Only route to QTS and iPGCE at a discounted affiliate rate; a saving of up to £375 on the cost of Straight to Teaching or £275 for iPGCE.

Tes Institute is the fully-accredited teacher training and development arm of Tes, and has supported around 4,000 teachers on routes to QTS in the UK and globally, combining in-person, online and school-based learning for partner schools.

For further information and current course fees for Tes Institute’s Straight to Teaching and Assessment Only routes to QTS, and iPGCE – in association with COBIS – please click here.

National Learning Trust AO Route to QTS in association with COBIS

COBIS members are able to access The National Learning Trust’s Assessment Only (AO) Route to QTS. The National Learning Trust (NLT) is an education training and consultancy service with over 10 years’ experience of offering school challenge and development services to international schools worldwide.

The NLT Assessment Only (AO) Route enables experienced teachers who hold a degree to demonstrate that they already meet all of the DfE Teachers' Standards, resulting in the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) without the need for any further training in the UK.

In order to qualify, teachers are expected to have experience of teaching across the age range for which they are applying to be assessed. Primary candidates will be expected to teach the full range of National Curriculum subjects and all candidates should have taught a range of abilities. Supporting schools should be BSO accredited or able to demonstrate that the school delivers the UK National Curriculum and is a member of an association such as COBIS, FOBISIA, or BSME.

The AO Route to QTS costs £3,200 per candidate (including fast-tracked NQT Induction if employed in a BSO school). In addition, travel and accommodation expenses for 2 assessors will be charged for the final assessment. Schools may wish to enrol multiple candidates in order to share these costs.

NLT run 3 cohorts of AO each academic year. Please email for the latest application windows, more information or to access the programme.