This page contains information about the COBIS Programme for Middle Leaders (CPML) and COBIS Facilitator Training.

More than 150 Middle Leaders took part in the COBIS Programme for Middle Leaders in 2019/20 (click here to download the programme guide). In 2020/21, cohorts are running in Amman, Bucharest, Kyiv, Muscat, Lagos, Munich, Doha, Riyadh, Cologne, Marbella, and Kampala.

Key points about the CPML:

  • A 1 year programme for ambitious middle leaders who wish to develop their personal and professional skills.
  • A blended learning approach with facilitated workshops and self-directed learning, including five days of face-to-face training events.
  • In addition to completing six modules, participants design, implement and evaluate a Leadership Challenge project within their own school context
  • Participants develop their professional network with other COBIS colleagues


2020/21 CPML Cohort Details:

Registrations are now being accepted for the following open CPML cohorts. To enquire about any of the other CPML cohorts, please contact It is hoped that the face-to-face sessions in autumn 2020 will proceed as planned. However, COBIS and the host school will continue the monitor the Covid-19 situation and any restrictions on travel or gatherings.

Doha, Qatar
Host School: Doha College
Delegate fees: 995 GBP
First face-to-face dates: 3-5 October 2020
Second face-to-face dates: 6-7 March 2021
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Muscat, Oman
Host School: British School Muscat
Delegate fees: 550 OMR
First face-to-face dates: 1, 3-4 October 2020
Second face-to-face dates: 30-31 January 2021
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Kiev, Ukraine
Host School: British International School Ukraine
Delegate fees: 1400 USD
First face-to-face dates: 1-3 October 2020
Second face-to-face dates: 3-4 June 2021
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Lagos, Nigeria
Host School: CIS Lagos
Delegate fees: 900 GBP
First face-to-face dates: 23-25 October 2020
Second face-to-face dates: 21-22 May 2021
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Bucharest, Romania
Host School: British School of Bucharest
Delegate fees: 1300 EUR
First face-to-face dates: 8-10 October 2020
Second face-to-face dates: 13-14 March 2021
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Further details:
If you have any questions about the CPML, please email


COBIS Facilitator Training

COBIS is pleased to be able to offer schools the opportunity to train new facilitators who will be able to deliver the CPML in their own schools, opening up the possibility for COBIS Schools to run their own programmes or work in collaboration with other schools. Trained facilitators who are Headteachers (or equivalent), with significant leadership experience, may also be able to deliver the CPAH (subject to approval from COBIS).

For more information and to register your interest, please email

Please click here to download further details.

Read about the experience of one of our facilitators on our blog page.


COBIS Partnership with University of Bath

COBIS has an agreement with the Department of Education at the University of Bath whereby Middle Leaders can combine working towards the CPML with enrolment on the MA Education programme by completing an Educational Enquiry unit.

Completing an Educational Enquiry unit linked to the CPML involves generating an original Masters level 5,000-word assignment, which draws both on issues covered in your CPML work and on relevant academic literature. The assignment may be related to, but must be separate from, the CPML Leadership Challenge report. Generation of the assignment will be supported by access to the University of Bath’s library facilities, and by a member of academic staff who acts as supervisor during the six months allowed for completion of the assignment, which will be assessed against MA Education criteria. Successful completion of the assignment will accrue 12 credits towards one of the following Masters level qualifications:

Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Studies (30 credits)

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (60 credits)

MA Education (90 credits)

Completion of any of these qualifications requires registration on the MA Education programme. If you wish to be awarded the Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma rather than completing the MA Education degree, you should notify the Department of Education of your intention after having accrued the appropriate number of credits.

Additional credits towards these qualifications may be gained by participating in MA Education units offered via the University of Bath campus-based Summer School, at Study Centres worldwide, and/or online. Fees payable for the Educational Enquiry unit are the same as for all MA Education units. Full details of all aspects of the MA Education programme may be found here.

To enrol for an Educational Enquiry unit beginning in September 2020, applications will need to be made by no later than 1 July 2020. Please note that applying for your first unit of study with Bath (whether the Educational Enquiry or any other unit) requires that you first apply for a place on the MA Education programme.

If you have any questions or requests for further information, please contact Professor Mary Hayden at