COBIS on Camera - Share Your Vision!

A chance to showcase your school and your students in a COBIS Film!

Download Filming Brief

COBIS is pleased to be working with Eye Film, once again, to prepare an exciting new film that will be showcased at our 38th COBIS Annual Conference - Vision 2030:The Future of International Education in London in May. This project will showcase the global COBIS family of schools. 

The film will highlight the thoughts and visions of COBIS students and teachers from around the world. We particularly want to hear about their vision for 2030 and what they think the future holds for international education. COBIS member schools are invited to submit short clips. The following cues may be useful when filming your students and teachers.

Statements for students to complete:

  • In 2030, I will be…
  • My education is preparing me for the future by…
  • In 2030, schools will be… (will they change? If so, how?)
  • In 2030, teaching will… (how will it be different?)
  • In 2030, children will learn…(how?)
  • In 2030, the school day will be…(what will it look like?)

Questions for teachers to answer:

  • Describe one aspect of teaching/learning that you think will have changed the most in 2030.
  • What do you think your classroom will look like in 2030?
  • Name one way in which you prepare students for the future.
  • Give us your three top skills pupils will need for the future.
  • What do you think will be the biggest difference in the 2030 curriculum (compared to now)?
  • What do you think will be a typical day for students in 2030?

Download the Filming Brief for a full list of cues, along with additional ideas about footage that can be submitted. 

Please be creative with your submissions. We are leaving it to the schools’ and students’ imaginations to decide what should be submitted.

Submitting you footage

  • Schools can submit raw footage without editing, background music, etc. as Eye Film will do the final editing
  • Incorporate the name/location of your school in the footage where possible so that this is clear in the final edited film.  
  • Clips should be no longer than 1 minute
  • Schools should submit a maximum of 5 clips
  • Please send video footage in as high quality as possible, at least HD 720, or as HD 1080/4K. Preferred video formats are mpeg4 or .mov files, not .wmv or .flv.
  • High resolution still images can also be submitted
  • Please try to get the best possible sound for any talking in your footage
  • Schools should upload their video clips using WeTransfer and then send the link to stating in the Message “Video for COBIS” and the name of the School.
  • The deadline for submitting footage is Friday 5 April 2019


Before submitting footage, please ensure you have obtained the necessary permissions from staff, students and parents. We will only be able to use your submitted footage upon receipt of this photographic and video consent form.