COBIS Patron's Accreditation and Compliance – Team Announcement

Peter Simpson has decided to take early retirement and resign his position as Director of Accreditation at COBIS.

We are extremely grateful for Peter's huge contribution over the years to COBIS. Peter was the architect of our accreditation scheme, which in its first three years of operation has matured into a highly respected process of external validation with more than 150 schools engaged.

Peter also set up and ran COBIS well-regarded Middle Leaders (CPML) and Aspiring Heads (CPAH) training programmes and was actively engaged in their success. He was a COBIS Headteacher, a governor at a COBIS school and a member of the COBIS Board of Directors.

Since May 2019, Gary Minnitt has been the Acting Director of Accreditation and Janette Quinn has been the Assistant Director since September. We are pleased to announce that, following a rigorous interview process, Gary and Janette are now confirmed in these positions on a permanent basis.

Both Gary and Janette are qualified and active COBIS Lead Improvement Partners and they each bring a wealth of international educational and leadership experience to their roles.

Gary has taught and led in COBIS schools in three countries and the UK over 37 years, 22 of them as a Secondary senior leader and headteacher. He also worked in a junior university in Western Honshu in Japan. He has an MA in Modern History from Oxford University and obtained his NPQH in 2000.

A Primary specialist and a headteacher over 13 years, Janette has as a COBIS Headteacher, led a school in Mexico and in the UK and has played an active role in several international projects over her 30 years in education. As well as her work as Assistant Director of Accreditation, Janette will also continue to oversee the CPML and CPAH programmes as a facilitator. Janette has a BEd from Humberside and has also achieved the NPQH.

The team, along with all sections of COBIS, is continuing to support our schools during the coronavirus pandemic. Even during these challenging times, we're pleased to be still receiving applications from schools who wish to become COBIS accredited.

All schools due to be visited after the beginning of March have postponed their visits; none have cancelled. They continue to prepare through the digital workbooks and are in contact with their LIPs.

Meanwhile, more Lead Improvement Partners (LIPs) and Peer Accreditors (PAs) are being trained to prepare for what we hope will be a more settled autumn and winter globally.

We're also busy revising the wording of our ten Compliance and Accreditation Standards with the help of a focus group of experienced LIPs.

Our Provisional Member School membership category, for new schools or those in the planning phase, is now operational as is our Accreditation scheme for bilingual / dual curriculum schools in China, which are operating under the banner of a UK independent school.

In addition, we're running a COBIS Patron's Accreditation and Compliance webinar for prospective schools on 18 May. This will provide an insight into our approach to external validation.

As always, thank you to all our LIPs and PAs for their ongoing commitment to our Patron's Accreditation and Compliance scheme, which is committed to long term school improvement and to helping schools and students thrive, and to their schools for generously releasing them to take part in visits.