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The COBIS Annual Research Survey, delivered in partnership with GL Education, launches on Monday 5 October 2015. Please look out for an email from GL Education in conjunction with this launch. This email will include unique login details to access the COBIS Annual Research Survey at  

The survey is an ongoing project that helps COBIS develop a better understanding of our growing global family of schools, as well as the British International Education sector as a whole. The results of this survey support lobbying activities, inform planning for future CPD events, and help facilitate increased school-to-school networking, communication and support.

All participating schools have the opportunity to access benchmarking data as well as tailored reports for Senior Management Teams and Governors. Generally, schools need to purchase this type of data, however, GL Education and COBIS have worked together to provide these reports free of charge to participating schools. To see what your school’s individualised report will look like, please click here to see the GCSE sample report and click here to see the School Leaver's reportPlease click here for a link to download the summary report from last year's survey.

The survey will collect information on school profiles, pupil numbers, curriculum choices, assessment, university destinations (where relevant), inspections, as well as areas of interest for future development and networking. If you have filled out the survey previously, the form will self-populate much of your information and take less time to complete.  

A few key points:

Participation in this research is not mandatory, but we sincerely hope that all COBIS schools will recognise the value and opportunities presented by this project. Last year, we had more than 45% of member schools participate and it is our hope that we can reach at least 65% this year. 

If you do not complete the survey, you will be missing out on a wealth of data that could benefit your school. This data can be used for internal purposes, but also helps you understand your school in the international context. Once you have completed the survey, we would welcome any feedback.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Amy Carter -


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