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Commitment to Sustainability

COBIS recognises its responsibility to protect and improve the state of the environment for future generations.  As a global organisation, we recognise the importance of the impact of our activities on the environment and that there is a need to constantly consider ways in which we can conserve energy and minimise waste in all activities that we undertake.

In our role as a membership organisation, we aim to promote good governance amongst our member schools around the world and are committed to school improvement, which includes promoting the wider sustainability agenda.  COBIS supports its members to achieve this through the signposting of relevant sustainability resources, as well as highlighting examples of best practice initiatives from amongst the network.  

Specifically, we are committed to reducing our impact upon the environment in the following ways:

  • Through our partnership with Planet Mark, we will continue to benchmark and measure our carbon footprint and explore practical methods for reducing our annual output across energy use, waste and business travel. Visit the Planet Mark website for more information.
  • By integrating a commitment to sustainability in the COBIS Accreditation Standards.
  • By working with venues and partners to help minimise waste at live events (CPD/training/student competitions) 
  • By encouraging members and associates to commit to sustainable initiatives and best practice.
  • Identifying and providing appropriate advice and information for the COBIS Executive and encouraging them to develop new ideas and initiatives.
  • Ensure our commitment to sustainable initiatives is articulated as part of recruitment and induction.
  • By providing a range of student competitions on the theme of sustainability and global citizenship.
  • Sharing examples of best practice from amongst the COBIS network through webinars, blogs and conference sessions
  • By integrating our commitment to sustainability in the COBIS Development Plan 2022 - 2025.

We are always looking to explore partnerships to further develop our sustainability agenda. To discuss this with one of the team, please get in touch.