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COBIS EDI Statement

COBIS is committed to promoting equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) both within our own organisation and amongst our network. COBIS strives to be a mindful and inclusive environment, where differences and equal access are valued, and we seek to support our schools and associates to reflect this mindset and practice.

We support our schools in their efforts to develop inclusive cultures and better representation in which diversity can flourish. We encourage the promotion of inclusion and diversity within our school network around the globe, whilst acknowledging this might take different forms depending on a school’s local region, custom and laws.

We view diversity as a strength, and by supporting our members to embrace and include diversity in their schools, we can help them to create high performing teams that enable the entire school community to thrive.

COBIS supports its members to achieve this in a number of ways including signposting resources, training and support, as well putting inclusive principles and practice at the heart of COBIS’ quality standards.