Meet the COBIS team

The COBIS Executive Team are located at the association's Head Office in Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London. In addition, COBIS is supported by the Board of Directors and more than 50 approved COBIS Consultants who deliver high-quality projects worldwide.

Colin Bell

Job Title: CEO

Dr Fiona Rogers

Job Title: Director of Professional Development and Research, Deputy CEO

Margaret Garrard

Job Title: Chief Operating Officer

Gurpreet Chohan

Job Title: Financial Controller

Manish Patel

Job Title: Finance Executive

Tatjana Guadalupe

Job Title: Membership Officer

Gary Minnitt

Job Title: Acting Director of Accreditation

Sharon Gallagher

Job Title: Accreditation Officer

Janette Quinn

Job Title: Assistant Director of Accreditation

Alisa Sacofsky

Job Title: Student Engagement and Events Officer

Louise Bell

Job Title: Safeguarding Officer

Laura Smith

Job Title: Events Executive

Andrey Prikazchikov

Job Title: Marketing and Communications Executive