COBIS Code of Ethical Practice

COBIS Members and Affiliates accept:

  • that their prime responsibility is to their students and their parents or guardians
  • that their mission is to provide an education which broadly follows the content and practices of the National Curriculum for England and Wales or one of the other curricula accepted for COBIS membership or affiliation
  • that they are required to follow the laws of the country in which they operate

COBIS Members and Affiliates undertake:

  • to follow the best practices in contractual recruitment and employment, in the interests of both students and staff.
  • to ensure fair, honest, and transparent dealings with parents, staff, and colleagues.
  • to adopt good communication practices with parents; parents should be given clear and transparent information regarding fees, deposits, financial assistance, admissions policy, notice periods, complaints procedures, and other matters
  • to adopt a fair and professional attitude towards other schools, ensuring good relations within the limits of fair competition
  • to maintain a fair and clearly-structured system of Governance
  • to follow best UK practice with regard to health and safety and child protection
  • when taking part in a residential COBIS Student event, activity or competition, COBIS will provide all schools that sign up with a withdrawal deadline. Once that date has passed a non-refundable 50% deposit payment will be due. If a school signs up for an event but then reneges on payment as they no longer want to attend, they will have their membership suspended until the balance is settled.

Observance of the Code of Ethical Practice is a condition of COBIS membership and affiliation. Breaches of the Code will be considered by the COBIS Executive Committee and may result in suspension or termination of membership or affiliation. Members and Affiliates accept that the COBIS Executive Committee is the final arbiter in matters pertaining to the Code of Ethical Practice.

COBIS takes complaints very seriously. Please note, however, that COBIS is not in a position to address situations pertaining to an individual student, parent, or teacher. Such complaints should be dealt with by following the channels outlined in the school’s complaints policy. When documented complaints relating to breaches of the COBIS Code of Ethical Practice or COBIS Code of Good Governance are received, the Executive Committee will give them due consideration. This process can take some time and in the interests of confidentiality COBIS may not enter into further correspondence regarding individual cases until the Executive Committee has made its decision.

A COBIS complaints guide is available to download. In the first instance please forward any enquiries or complaints to Colin Bell, CEO.